Crab & Co, is an ode to the seafood culture of Goa. The Crab is the clear show-stopper on our menu. Accompanied by an esteemed entourage of lobsters, mussels, prawns, calamari and the freshest catch of the day, they are cleverly and deliberately chosen to meet your every gastronomic desire.

Located in the quaint village of Assagao, in a beautiful old Goan house that is 100 years old. Careful attention and love has restored it to make it comfortable for you. An occasional creak in the wood, is just her thanking you for gracing her.

A little more to crab-on. Specials like Crab Cake Benedict, Lobster Linguine, Red Snapper, Shark & other catch of the day prepared in succulent sauces of butter-garlic, lemon-caper, Sri Lankan and Goa’s famous Recheado,. The choices blend world flavours and, believe you me, Keep you calm and crabbing-on.

From stuffed mushroom with cheese, fiery okra, cherry tomatoes and the likes of Grana Padano, Mozzarella, Cheddar cheese, makes it for the well-choiced vegetarian, a very happy menu choice. The thin crust four-cheese pizza could convert a non-vegetarian (momentarily perhaps) to a vegetarian!

We know you are out there, and love you to bits, you ‘Meat-eat-arian’. The Goan Pork Asado, peri-peri styled ribs, Crab & Co. signature style roast beef is intended to fully take you captive. A chefs special Spicy chicken, and Cafreal chicken will truly shine the Goan flavours. It’s just the beginning of very happy times