With Thirsty Bear, B&B Gastronomy and Hospitality entered the round-the-clock service market in Goa, creating a deli-style eatery that matches the best ingredients with an evocative ambience. It’s a world of quick bites and delicious delights, mouth-watering savouries and decadent desserts, thick milkshakes and tantalising ice creams.

To ensure quality freshness every day, chefs at the deli run a tight ship, making everything from scratch. There is warm bread straight out of the oven sliced and used for sandwiches, along with sizzling waffles, delicate crêpes and pies. This meticulousness has resulted in a Quality Assurance Benchmark from international travel website TripAdvisor, something the loyal patrons at Thirsty Bear will have no qualms vouching for time and again.

The extensive menu features a variety of aromatic coffees and refreshing teas. There are also huge sandwiches stuffed with fillings from chicken, ham and cheese, and duck to tuna, roast beef and vegetables. Sumptuous rolls are on offer too, oozing paneer, mushrooms, garden fresh greens, barbecued chicken and chicken cafreal.

For those who cannot do without pizza, it offers delicious classic and fusion toppings on thin crust – margherita, Napoletana, Pepperoni, four-cheese, mushroom, seafood, Goan sausage and more. But Thirsty Bear gets its game face on every time someone orders its best- favoured item on the menu: Waffles. The entourage of waffles guarantees one is always back to try the next choice. Their Desserts! They have no qualms in raving about their New York Cheesecake, Chocolate-Orange Mousse cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate Gooey cake and more. 

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