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Black Vanilla Café A Confluence of International Cuisine under the Sublime Goan Skies

Black Vanilla Café A Confluence of International Cuisine under the Sublime Goan Skies

Black Vanilla Café is a synonym for Goa at its best. Its warm and pleasant aura will captivate and entrance you. Perhaps, it might make you wonder how you landed here. Perhaps the waves allured you or the sea gulls whispered to you. Or it was someone who had been here and told you of the lovely food – international with dash of Europe and America – it holds, and a charmed ambience that lulls you.

Black Vanilla Café is more than that. One has to see it, feel it and its delectable cuisine is something to die for, or better still, live for. It is a perfect place to drive away the blues: aesthetics meets good food and offers a premium dining experience with great delicacies from dedicated, skilled, and experienced chefs.

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It is placed fittingly in a classically restored Goan/ Portuguese home. And the legacy is evident through its markings. And it is in the prime location in Assagao – a few minutes away from the renowned tourism hubs of Goa – Vagator & Anjuna. Food connoisseurs will be enticed by the variety of European and American food, offering international standard, lip-smacking gastronomy.

Black Vanilla Café offers one a quaint café experience where consumers can indulge in a surfeit of world-class dishes. The menu is curated to meet choices across an audience of local Goan friends and families, the tourist dense population of Goa, and all age groups.

What makes the cuisine so special is that it is made for the connoisseur as much as the next hungry cactusmeraviglietina.it person. The breakfast to brunch choices help you dive into the day – whether you are out to conquer the beach and the seas or get a feel of Goa’s greener territory. Artisanal and preservative-free breakfast yogurt bowls will have your mood set right. For those in between lunch is quite filling with loads to choose from. An array of juices, coffees, and a collection of teas, meets every requirement of the dynamic audience visiting the café at all times. The evocative ambiance will give you a warm, soothing, and blissful feeling. And

if you are ending the long hard day, the evening and night ambience of the café will lift you up, in spirit and body. Black Vanilla hosts big meals through a variety of lunch bowls, thin-crust pizzas, freshly baked.

A heavenly menu of pancakes, crêpes, waffles, English breakfast, makes Black Vanilla a favourite on the coastal belt of Goa too. The fresh fruit-loaded Locke & Mason, which is an in-house brand is magnifique!

One visit or two does not do justice to Black Vanilla Café. It’s a place that demands you taste more than a couple of offerings. This is a place you can go to, again and again, and find a new cuisine to try out!

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